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May 28, 2011


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I love reading these updates from you - well except I hate hearing about the painful stuff. I can not imagine doing tandem nursing at ALL. xo


Great to hear from you! You're in the kitchen cleaning? How about putting your feet up? So sorry about the nipple and body pain! I hear you on the 'another pregnancy and baby issue'! For me I really want to meet a sibling of Isobel's - would be so cool, and I want to use everything I learned again and not to mention all the paraphernalia. Not excited about being pregnant again AT ALL! in fact, if I could afford a nice young, healthy surrogate I might consider it! Never thought I would say that!!!


My husband was on the nortipty.line for a while to facilitate sleep and it did help a little. :)

I am glad to read that your boys are thriving!

BWUB plus one

Those sweet boys are growing and developing like lovely little weeds! I can't believe how big they are. Sorry to hear about all the pain you're having. Isn't it always something? You have enough milk, but there's pain and latching difficulties. For me, I just never got the milk going and Scout developed a dairy allergy.

I keep thinking about another pregnancy too. Partly to give Scout a sibling, and partly for my own selfish desire for a do-over. Getting to enjoy another pregnancy, using what I've learned with another newborn, re-using some of those tiny, precious baby clothes. Sigh.

Enjoy those delicious moments to yourself!


It is nice to hear an update . . .even if I am reading it a month late. I hope all continues to go well.

I hear you about the 'one more time'. Although I think it is normal for women to want another baby sometimes for the rest of their lives, there is an added element when things don't go how you want.

My pregnancy went much better but I still sometimes want: to get pregnant without help, to use my genes, to have a home birth.

I notice that the first two wishes are getting less and less intense. I don't think about the third. Right now, if you asked me, I would say that I wish I had just scheduled a c-section rather than live with the disappointment of not living up to my expectations.

But life goes on and I am - and we are - so lucky to be parenting.

Lisa DG

I am so happy for you and for your boys- they don't even know how lucky they are to have you as their mother. I know how grateful you are and how that appreciation will shape your parenting forever.

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