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May 10, 2011


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How cute are they? Awesome!

It Is What It Is

Sweet, indeed!


You can really see the differences in their looks here:) curious to know how they are different and similar in personality and looks. Adorable pic:)


wish my guys would do sweet things like that. If one goes towards the other there is usually screaming involved!

My moment of zen with the twins is when we are all on the play mat. I will laying down with one little bug happily playing cars on my back and the other playing with my fingers.

What a great photo. They look so cute together.


I love our pics like these!!


Yes, when times get bad. These kinds of pics are the best! :D What a wonderful picture!!


That is the sweetest picture. The looks on their faces are priceless!


They are unbelievably adorable! This is a fantastic pic.


Ack! the cuteness!



BWUB plus one

I absolutely love this photo. They are incredibly adorable!

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