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April 09, 2011


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I love following the boys on FB, but damn I miss your posts!!

Forgive yourself a little for not posting more often. This is a crazy, crazy time with a lot of sleep deprivation and add pumping on top of it all and I'm surprised you are blogging anything at all.

Also, hang in there. None of this will last forever (the good stuff as well as the bad stuff) and believe it or not in a couple of years you might even look back on these days with nostalgia...


They sound like Bobby and Maya, in their differing appearances!
Like Summer, I love your FB updates, but am so glad to see an update!


It's great to hear from you, but I totally understand about the long silences. Your priority right now is your CHILDREN!!! (God I love the sound of that.)


Can't believe you even had time to post this! I'm glad the boys are doing well, and I hope the boob issues improve.

BWUB plus one

So great to see a post from you! And even better to hear how wonderfully your boys are doing. I hope to see pictures soon! Your breastfeeding experience - or rather, nipple torture - sounds awful. I don't know how you managed to forge on (well, yes I do...those sweet baby boys inspire you!). You're doing a fantastic job. And you will shower more regularly again in this lifetime. I promise!

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