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April 19, 2011


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Look at that face...and that HAIR! I love it!!


OMG, is he a cutie!


Oh man, this one's crazy cute too! Well done, my friend. You made some really beautiful babies.


You are so right! For me last tax year was all about treatments but we had the BFP so sugar it all. This year it was about adding a child to my taxes - how cool is that? So glad all is well and your babes are soo sweet!


Ps love your blog roll!

BWUB plus one

I must admit, writing my son's name in the "Dependents" section of the tax form for the very first time gave me warm fuzzies.

That little Juice is a doll! I want to smooch those cheeks and stroke that baby-fine hair!


Wow! They are beautiful and so big!

Crazy, wonderful times.


Oh yeah......he's beautifully adorable that kid! :):)


GASP!!!what a CUTIE!!!!
oh honey - he is perfect!


Happy Mother's Day! :)

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