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February 26, 2011


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Oh, too adorable! So cute!


They make my heart ache. So happy for you.


I'm besotted!


Oh my, they are so cute I'm feeling woozy.


So, so, sweet!!


Just beautiful!

Sweet G

Gorgeous! Hope Juice is home with you soon.

BWUB plus one

Juice's hair looks like the color of Daddy's beard! So tender and sweet they are. They both look like the two most softest things on earth.

Katie B.

I'm giggling because we always said ours were in a "milk stupor". :) Keep it up, Mamma! They are getting a lovely layer of chub that can only come from Mommy Milk. I wish I could kiss them!


You are on my mind. Hope you and your boys are doing wonderfully! xoxo

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