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December 19, 2010


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so beautiful and precious. thinking of you


So so adorable! Thank-you for sharing :).


So sweet! I can't believe they're smiling already!

It is what it is

Both smiling and awake! Lovely.

Debby Pucci

Oh my, how precious is that! They are adorable.


Sarah, I am so so SO happy for you and so sorry that I haven't commented before now. I've been following my buddies blogs usually in the middle of the night, during baby feedings, on my iPhone which doesn't lend itself to commenting (one hand, tiny keyboard, etc). But I have been following your and your babies' story and I am so thrilled that things are going well for you. I look forward to watching them grow in the coming months :).


OHMYGOODNESS! So cute, so sweet :) Surely they must be thinking of their Mom and Dad!



Sweet Georgia

So precious!!!


So sweet! I've been trying to post here for a couple days with no luck for some reason. Hope it works this time! Sorry about all the pumping- it sucks! Glad the boys Are doing better and hope they grow stronger and stronger!


Those smiles just grab my heart! Such beautiful boys!


AWWWWWW!!!! They are so cute! Congratulations!!!


OH MY GOD I have been so busy ( translate to lazy) and haven't been reading emails or blogs as much the past month and WOW they are adorable, I'm so happy for you guys, I logged on today because my Aol acct sent me an email to tell me that I had too many emails and they couldn't receive anymore until I deleted some SO i decided to check on you and YAY !!!! Isn't this going to be a miraculous christmas for you and hubby..


Absolutely precious! What a wonderful time this is for you, your husband and your babies!


beautiful!!! Thinking of you guys and hoping that all four of you are doing well. xoxoxo


They look FANTASTIC! Very robust for such teeny little boys-- you'd never guess they born this early! These are wonderful pictures!


Beautimous! Alert and happy. Awesomeness.

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