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December 25, 2010


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So sweet! It's the best thing ever having your baby on your chest!!! Sending lots of love'

Lisa dg

I am so happy for you...just catching up after the last few months. This will be a happy new year indeed.


Happy Holidays!


beautiful! What lovely gifts you have this year. I could not be more happy for you. xoxo


Merry Christmas. :) And what a sweet year it is.

Katie B.

Such Beautiful Blessings! Much love to you four... kiss their sweet little heads for me.

Katie B.

Hello,Again~ I was just thinking about all your "fun" pumping, and trying to increase your milk supply... I found that taking Fenugreek helped me, when I needed it. You can get it in capusules. Take enough of it each day, till your skin smells like maple syrup (really!)


Happy Holidays girl, I am so glad you have your sweeties and I hope that you all get to be home soon.



Yes. Yes. Yes. How lovely!

BWUB plus one

I'm just getting caught up...what yummy, sweet, precious little boys you have! Congratulations! You are doing a GREAT job - pumping and traveling and getting used to being mommy. Soon those sweet babies will be home with you and daddy and you'll be settling into a wonderful new year!


He is precious. Enjoy the ride. Enjoy the ride. I know you are shuttling back and forth between the hospital but find a way to truly take it all in b/c Savannah just turned 6 months and I can hardly remember the first few weeks...

IF Optimist (Traci)

Stopping by after a very long haitus from blogland. Just sending you soooooo much love and care and heartfelt good wishes. I was there. Starting out being a mom in the NICU is hard, constant worry and pumping and trying to figure out what is your own new normal is confusing and tough. Please contact me if you ever need to talk or rant or rave or just have someone who has been there listen to you.

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