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November 15, 2010


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So glad the shower went well - and hang in there boys!!!

Good Egg Hatched

Oh geez. Not the kind of excitement you needed. Glad all is well! Sorry you're confined to bed but it is so worth it. And I agree -- those kinds of polite gestures go a long way. I brought little favors for the L&D nurses when I delivered H and I can't tell you how moved they were by that tiny gesture. They work so hard, and I just think they get shit on way more than thanked. It's sad! So anyway, good for you. :)


Oh my! So sorry for all the drama :( I am glad that things seem to be getting on the brighter side now. I had 2-3 UTIs during the twins' pregnancy. I can truly say that it was something awful. You are doing an awesome job, and those boys are just precious!! What cuties they are already :D


Thank goodness that things are well!!! I was nervous! I've been a little MIA and yours was one of the first blogs I came too! So glad you are okay and the boys are well. Big hugs!!!


Glad everyone is still doing well. Kudos to you for being such a proactive and disciplined Mommy!


Glad all is going well - not glad you had to have a UTI to get to see the boys faces :(. Prayers for you and your little ones :).

Sweet Georgia

Wow, sounds like a scary few hours! Glad everything has calmed down. Take it easy!


Whoa, glad to hear it was all ok! And happy that you had a great shower! Love those pictures of the boys' faces. So cute!


Oh UTI's are the WORST. So sorry. I hope you are feeling much better and getting some rest. I hope you'll write more about your shower ... would love to hear how you were most-deservedly celebrated. Hang in there!

BWUB plus one

What a topsy-turvey course of events! I'm glad the shower was wonderful and that you and the boys are all fine. That had to be really scary to have to go to the hospital. So keep your feet up and rest! In the mean while, I will try to email you about health insurance stuff. Take care!

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