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November 02, 2010


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It is what it is

Just take it one day at a time and before you know it, you'll be there!

In terms of reading material, I am a fan of Kristin Hannah books (Firefly Lane, True Colors, The Things we Do For Love, Between Sisters) as well as the series by Emily Griffin (Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Baby Proof, Love the One You're With, Heart of the Matter).

Good luck (I was only able to read magazines during my protracted bed rest and wish now that I'd had the attention span to read books).

Sweet Georgia

Hope the bed rest is not too boring and that it flies by. Oh, and good luck with your GD test.

I just read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and it was awesome... takes a little to get into it, but give it a chance (if you decide to read it) and then it's easy going.


When I read what you just wrote about bringing the babies home to a less than perfectly organized house, I had to laugh. Someday I should show you the video of Drew and I bringing Lola home to 1029 and what a disaster it was...Drew's piles of crap, drawers hanging open, things piled up. I think CPS would've written us up. Watching now, we are both horrified at how clueless we were. You are FAR MORE PREPARED and will be an awesome mommy!

Good Egg Hatched

You will do fine! Honestly you need the bare minimum when you bring those boys home anyway. Deciding on purchases of equipment (e.g. a stroller) once you're actually living with babies is not a bad idea either.

In terms of what to read: try Sloan Crossley's books of humorous essays. I wouldn't recommend Gray's, actually -- I found the medical stuff more upsetting while I was pregnant. If you want fluff try the Real Housewives series (the New York one and the current Beverly Hills one) on Bravo. Or there's always 30 Rock!

Oh, and btw, you didn't warn me about the second half of Baby Catcher! The births gone awry/lawsuits/etc. Odd thing was there was actually a little note in the book, which I bought secondhand, that said "don't read beyond here." I found it a little spooky but of course I kept reading and now I know why the note was there.

Anyway, good luck on your GD test. One tip: Regardless of whether your MD office tells you to do this, I would recommend making the appt for first thing in the a.m. and fasting the night before. I did not do this and failed my screen by one point (which several of my friends did as well), which then leads to the three-hour test, which you DO NOT WANT TO DO. I honestly think fasting could have saved me that one point.


Good luck! Bed rest doesn't sound fun, but hopefully it'll be a lovely time of rest and relaxation and long-overdue contemplation of your navel. (I wish I had contemplated my own more before pregnancy, because now I can no longer remember what it looked like pre-Eggbert.)

You really don't need that much stuff for newborns. Really. Car seats, a double snap & go, some clothes, and a shocking number of diapers and you're good to go. Also, you can do so much by internet these days. You'll be fine.


I second the test first thing in the morning and fast for the GD test idea. I would probably have passed if I hadn't had a bagel and orange juice for breakfast that morning.

Reading suggestions: I'm reading The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie right now - can't remember who wrote it, but it's pretty good. Set in the 1950s with a 10 year old girl chemist as the main character. Also, mysteries with a magic bent - Jim Butcher's Dresden Files is really entertaining. Plus there are 8 or so books, so that kind of series would keep you busy for a while. I also like the Emily Giffin books. I find Christopher Moore to be very hilarious - especially A Dirty Job and Lamb.

I hope bed rest doesn't leave you too bored and antsy. Have a great time at your shower!


I hear you - I did bed rest too but only for 5ish weeks....

Okay, some of my favorite reads - Jim Butcher - Dresden and Alera series (yes, I am a bit of a geek) and my ALL TIME favorite is Stephen King's Dark Tower series - Roland the gunslinger is my favorite character of all time - and the ending - but you must read in order - will blow your mind.

And I like the TV show Bones!


I knew there was more than one or now, two reasons I keep coming back here. Outlander series! :) It took me awhile to overcome my addiction to them! :)
Some recomendations:
The Girl With....books are great. I loved all three and just watched the Swedish movie version of two of the books...very good.
Widow's Walk by Marian Fontana first person account of 9/11 from the wife of a fire fighter who died when the towers fell. Has some surprisingly funny moments.
The Senator's Wife - sort of a Laura Bush fiction
On TV-Mad Men, Modern Family, and my guilty pleasures, Mike and Molly, Glee and The Big Bang Theory.
Embrace the bed rest (sounds like you will) you are doing something very important during that best rest! :)

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