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October 15, 2010


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Ugh, so sorry that you are dealing with all of this pain. What a crummy thing to go through. I hope that pain subsides quickly and your energy returns even faster!


So sorry to hear that you are coping with this - and on your birthday no less. I hope that the stones pass quickly without the need for nephroscopy. Will be holding you in my thoughts for a quick recovery and that you can be as comfortable as possible in the meantime.


Sweet Georgia

Yikes! Sorry to hear about the kidney stones. That is not fun at all. And, what a crappy way to spend your birthday. I hope you pass the stones relatively painlessly, and quickly. Glad to hear the babes are doing great.

Happy 40th Birthday!


Oh! I'm so sorry to hear this! I hope they pass quickly!


Oh Sarah! I am so so sorry. I had them too, and they simply suck ass. I am glad you are in the hospital so they can do pain control, and I hope (HOPE) you pass them without undue drama and can get out of there.

Happy happy birthday, your 40s are going to be simply fabulous once you are past these darned stones.



Ugh. How horrible. I hope they pass quickly and that the rest of your 40's are fab.

cat, galloping

That is no good at all! Speedy recovery, my friend.


ugh, you poor thing! I hope that they pass quickly and you are able to go home to your own bed. So glad the babies are doing great!


Ugh. I really hope that they resolve soon.


Um, Happy Birthday? Hope those stones pass soon!


Oh no. Sorry for the troubles. Hope you're feeling better soon.


Oh I'm sorry. I hope you at least get a funny card.

BWUB plus one

You sound incredibly brave about something that can be very painful. Sorry it had to mess up your birthday to boot. I hope all goes well and they pass as easily as possible. And Happy Birthday!


OMG that sucks - I hope you have enough books, a kindle, ipad, something to keep you busy...


That sucks!

But happy birthday- that's awesome!!


Ugh, I'm so sorry! What a disaster - but it's one way to distract you from turning 40, huh? ;) I hope those stones pass quickly and relatively easily and you can go bake to quietly baking those babies. Good luck!

Good Egg Hatched

I am so sorry! Hope you are doing okay -- hang in there!

Jacquie | After Words

Feel better soon. My SIL had kidney stones while she was pregnant with her second child. NO FUN.


Yuck! Prayers for feeling better soon and of thanks that babies are doing well :).


How did you get to 20 weeks already. Hang in there!

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