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October 22, 2010


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Ugh. It sounds like you've had an awful week. Glad you're home now. I'm looking forward to those belly pics!


Glad to hear from you! Although passing those stones sounds like it was more than an ordeal. At least it's done with now.


So glad you're home. Ordeal really sounds like the right word. Hope your strength returns quickly. Just wanted to let you know that a New Yorker is sending many positive thoughts your way. : )



So glad you are home and better!!!

It's funny, I had that stuttering when breathing thing too. I think it had something to do with uterine pressure on my lungs and ribs.

Sweet Georgia

I'm glad you're home and the whole kidney stone ordeal is in the past. Hopefully you'll get some of your energy back soon. I hear you on all of the stuff that needs to be done for the nursery. We're doing a bunch of that stuff this weekend.

Good luck with everything. I'm sure it will all come together for you!

It is what it is

You've had a rough go of late and I am hopeful that it, along with the kidney stone, are behind you.

Allow yourself to get your strength and stamina back day by day and know that it might not be a linear progression but you will get there.

The universe usually has a hand in things coming together in their time and I know that will be the case for you.


good night lady!!! I am crawling my way to catching up on my reader and SHEESH! I am so sorry you have been through so so much. Thank goodness you are home now and recovering. ugh.
Oh Ziggy & Stardust- no more drama for your Mama!


Ouch! Glad to hear that's over! No more kidney stones!!!

I have had a lovely umbilical hernia for the last 4 years (it got aggravated at work and has been annoying for a year). The surgeon I saw said "When something is poking out, you will know because you won't want anything to touch your belly." I'm sure the maternity belt will help keep things in place, but this was probably bound to happen with twins. One of these days, I'll get my hernia fixed, but for the moment, I just keep poking the fat back in. :)

It sounds like you're going to be having some fun in the next few weeks - rearranging thing, registries, showers. Enjoy!


I'm glad that you posted, I was a little worried about you! Try to relax as much as you can, none of the projects that you want to get accomplished are as important as incubating the babies -- so don't overdo it, even if you are feeling good!


OMG you poor thing...Mike had to have a PICC line for 4 weeks...hell on earth but he sort of had an idea of what it was like for me to glad you are okay!


What a wild ride. Hope things continue to improve. Can't wait to hear about that awesome shower/bday party.


Oh honey, you poor thing! That sucks so bad! I missed all the drama when I was in hospital too. I agree though, being in hospital sucks big time and it sounds like you were really sick! Take it slow, and if you can get more help to set things up in the house, please do - we were not ready and it's been a bit crazy since we came back from the hospital. I hope you get your strength up and feel better soon, my friend! Take care:) xo

Ellen K.

Happy belated birthday! I know gallstones are more common in multiple pregnancies; maybe kidney stones are as well. But a PICC line just extends the misery.

Do try to stay on the couch and stay hydrated.

Mmmm, peanut M&Ms!


Welcome home! and
I am serious here, maybe shower#1 could be your sis and mom helping with the house stuff? Not ideal maybe but maybe practical-- it is amazing how much folks can get done when it is not their stuff!

please take care of you, and
so glad to see your update!


I am not surprised you are exhausted. Just being pregnant can do that to you. Take care of yourself and keep us posted.

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