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October 06, 2010


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Glad to hear things are going so well! Keep up the good work.

I only wish we got BBC America...


Yay for 20 week healthy babies! Oy, the squished bladder! I had it bad too and I can only imagine what it's like with two babes! Luckily it goes away the second you give birth - only 20 more weeks! ;)

No dice on The Choir, I'll have to see if I get it On Demand!


I wish we had BBC America! I've heard good things about that show! I'm so happy that you are halfway through! Yay! Sorry the medical digs aren't that glamorous though!
Yes - the bladder - I actually have had thst the last few days - so it's not just second trimester either! Glad you got it checked out!


Yeah for a great 20 week ultrasound! It's always reassuring to get a peek and to hear that everything is going great. I do remember how long those ultrasounds were, with so many measurements -- and how nauseous and dizzy I would get from having to be on my back for so long.

When your doctor pulls you from work at 24 weeks, will he put you on actual bedrest? My doctor didn't pull me from school at 24 weeks, but told me to be very self-restrictive on activity (like going up and down stairs with the laundry basket, standing to do dishes, etc) between weeks 24 and 28 b/c of the tremendous amount of growth during those weeks. I listened to his advice, and started with more normal activity again at 28 weeks -- probably a mistake, seeing I went into labor at 30 weeks!

So glad everything is going well, you deserve an uneventful pregnancy!


Yeah, I used to have to move into different positions on the toilet in order to pee effectively...

BWUB plus one

Usually at the half-way point, but probably beyond that with twins, so...congratulations! Sounds like all is progressing nicely. Glad there wasn't any infection or other bothersome thing. Just babies! Wow, 20 weeks is when I told everyone at work I was pregnant. I was still hiding my baby belly under sweaters. That would be impossible with two of them!

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