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September 18, 2010


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Not on Fire

I am glad that you are having a good time!

It is what it is

So lovely to feel life from within. It will continue to get better (as in bump the magazine off your belly, fun).


Oooh, boy! That's going to get interesting soon, as they run out of room!


Oooh, wait until you feel hiccups. It was pretty freaky (in a fun way) with TK. Can't imagine what 2 hiccuping would be like.

Glad you are having so much fun, because it's fun to "relive" these PG milestones with you!


I know! It's awesome! I used to lay awake at night and just revel in the feelings.


Isn't it the most wonderful feeling? That's LIFE girl - times 2! I am so happy for you! I've heard from women that have boys and girls that boys are much more active. Congratulations...I just have to 'say' it again -I am so happy for ya!!!


Awesome! I'm glad you're enjoying it. (I've got to disagree with "jaded" about girls and boys. I think that's just a preconception. Girls can kick up a storm too. My average kick count with Eggbert for the last month of my pregnancy was 120/hr. That's an average. They were often over 200. Try sleeping through that!)

Debby Pucci

It's the best! I am so happy for you.


aint it grand?! I have not had hiccuping yet but I love the kicks!


oh my goodness!!!!! I get so behind in blogs and then when I catch up it's amazing over here. Two boys! How exciting and wonderful!!!


Oh, how much I loved that! I am glad you are enjoying it, too! (PS, hiccups are also fun!)


I really like movement simply because he keeps the dead fetus paranoia at bay!

Good Egg Hatched

Isn't it just the best?? Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

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