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September 21, 2010


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It is what it is

It's lovely to be out and about and pregnant. Just like it should be.

As for the birth plan, I think it's prudent to hope for the best and plan for the worst. As I recently said to an IRL friend about to give birth to her b/g twins, they are going to come one, one way or another. And, even when the birth plan doesn't go quite as hoped, and even though we may feel robbed of what we wanted it to be, that feeling fades over time.


Sounds lovely!!! SO happy for you!!!


It's a cliche, but try and pick up the pitted prunes at Trader Joe's. They're actually yummy and popping about 7-8 of those should get those bowels moving again. They were a lifesaver for me during pregnancy and for the weeks after birth.

Glad to hear you're adapting to being a regular pregnant lady!


Just like! Congrats on all going well. I know a lady who had a perfectly healthy twin home birth. You could probably ask your OB about being hooked up to the epi but not have the drug actually turned on. I kind of doubt you would need to have surgery THAT fast to save a kid.


Hooray for normal!


I'm so glad that things are going well, and I cannot believe you are already 18 weeks -- it seems like this is going by very quickly. I can definitely understand your feelings about the childbirth classes. I didn't actually make it to mine, the boys were born before the class (oops! Guess I should have scheduled it before 30 weeks!) -- but during the hospital tour, the nurse was talking about all the feel-good, wonderful new mommy moments (and after the baby is born, it will be placed directly on your chest and left undisturbed, blah blah blah -- and then followed that with, "But for you, having the twins, that won't happen, the first twin will be taken immediately away to allow you to deliver the second." Awesome, thanks.)

One of my friends had her twins without any drugs (they were in a hospital, of course), but she delivered at 38+ weeks and each of her boys was over 7lbs. That being said, my OB probably wouldn't have "allowed" me to go unmedicated because of the inherent risks of a twin delivery -- and sure, I always could have found a different practice, but for me, I wanted to ensure that I was awake in case I ended up needing an emergency c-section, and if you end up needing an emergency c-section with twins, you're most likely put under general if you haven't had the epidural.

A lot of personal choices for you to make, it all depends on your own personal comfort level and the decisions that you make with your OB about what is best for you and your boys.


A regular pregnant lady! Such a wonderful achievement. Sounds like normal, pregnant lady anxiousness to me. Wonderful

BWUB plus one

It's wonderful to be "just" a regular pregnant lady! I wanted to comment after I read your post announcing two boys and difficulty in naming them. We have one precious boy, and like you, we had the hardest time coming up with a boy name we could both agree on. My DH, of Dutch descent, kept pulling these zany Dutch names I'd never heard of (with too many vowels and not enough consonants) out of a hat. I just glared at him after a while. I liked "regular" names, and he'd nix those. We finally agreed on a name we've both come to love (a derivation of a biblical name). Now though, realizing how much I adore this baby boy, I sort of wish there were two of him! Congratulations to you and I hope you have a beautiful pregnancy!

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