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August 20, 2010


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I can not believe it!!!!!! 13 weeks!!!!
Oh honey.
Happy 2nd Trimester.
I am so so so happy for you.
And demanding belly shots.
(if you get blog shy you know my e-mail address ;-)



That is absolutely hilarious that your husband filmed you talking about your dinner! But I'm glad he did it. That will be a fun video to watch in the future.

Happy 13 weeks and have a great vacation!


yes, honor the cravings! Don't apply non pregnant dietary rationale to your now preggy self. ie...hmm, let me salad instead of something more satisfying..Once I was craving Ikea meatballs and so we all schlepped to Ikea
so I could have meatballs and gravy. The bonus was all 4 of us ate for less than $20, but them spent a lot more post meal for a "few things".
whatever it takes to make mama happy!!!


Waxing poetic about chicken fried steak...that's probably the most awesome video ever!

Congratulations on escaping the first trimester. I hope the second one is much easier and less stressful.


Those babies know what they want! Congrats for making it to the second tri!


I am so happy for you and so sorry for not stopping by sooner. Your pregnancy is flying by! I went on dissability at 33 weeks because of the sciatic nerve pain and it made a world of difference. You go ahead and do the same as instructed by your doctor. It's going to seem like forever until you have the babies but well worth it. Bake! Bake! Bake!....!!!!

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