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August 05, 2010


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Not on Fire

Okay, I did vaginal non-medicated births for both boys. I suggest that you do prepare. You have no idea how effective the anesthetic will be, or how long you will labor before it is in place. Preparation for a vaginal birth, even if it does not occur, might reduce any anxiety you might have about birthing your babies.

I used hynobirthing, and found it very effective. You can google "hypnobirthing" to find out more.


Oh, even if you do get the epi, definitely do the c/b class. I was on the fence too, but it's about so much more than active labor. It's how to know real labor signs, good things to pack, how to handle recovery. Plus, they show your s/o how to give you nice massages!! :)

And woot woot, 11 weeks! You're almost out of the 1T!!! GL at the NT screen, it'll be great, I know it!


Oh hell, yes, birth classes, dvd's and books. The more you know the more you can decide on how things go and what to do.

On the weight front. I read a great book about twins pregnancy (what to expect when you're expecting twins, trips etc). It really helps to understand when to get the weight on and why. Eating is going to be a big part of your life for quite some time!!

What a wonderful description of your doppler - two heartbeats inside. Lovely, just lovely.


Wowie Zowie is right! I can't believe only 10 more weeks until your off...really preparing for birth! It's amazing to read your posts....


I loved my childbirth class, and met one of my best friends there (think about it, a group of people who are all going to have kids at around the same time = instant play dates!). Whether it helped during labor, well, not so much, but I would take it again anyway. Plus it's kind of a rite of passage, and after everything that you've been through, you should enjoy all of the fun of a "normal" pregnancy.


Yay for NTs next Wednesday. I'd also advocate for childbirth classes, but maybe try to find a twin-focused one? Having a baby is super-weird, whether it's vaginal or by c-section and it was just reassuring to know that everything that happened along the way (well, except for the little complications) was normal and supposed to be happening. I was told that they try not to put an epidural in until you are 5 cms (although that may be different with twins since it is primarily in place to make an emergency c-section faster) and that means that you will have plenty of time to labor pre-pain meds.


Yay! I can't tell you how much joy it brings me to 'hear' the joy in in your words!


Wow - so much more planning for twins! I was still switching OBs at 14 weeks, so I didn't think about any of that until far later. Definitely take the birthing classes - knowledge is power!

Yay for hearing heartbeats on the Doppler!


Weeping with joy for you! :-)

Sweet Georgia

11 weeks is awesome! Sounds like your OB is great and I think having a plan is really important. Enjoy every day!


That sounds like a great OB! It is so rare to have a vaginal birth advocate in that profession.

Does he say you need the epi or is that your choice? If the former, I would look into that and find out why and if it is needed.

Otherwise, I don't know. I never took classes - my first was born too soon and then I figured I knew what I was doing. I suppose that was true in a way. I think the best classes teach you to deal with the pain and help you be your own advocate. As for actually giving birth - well, your body will do that.


Wow. And Yippee!


yes! good policy of resting after 24 weeks...also good policy of aiming for vg birth. and YES take the classes...

Ellen K.

Yes, do the childbirth class -- and not just a short, generic one. If you can find one specific for multiples, that would be great. My childbirth class was one day, just 3 hours, and a good part of that time was the hospital tour. And the nurse often excluded me from the discussion ("You'll do this -- but Twin Mom, you probably won't"). So when the girls ended up being both head down at 32 weeks, I was totally unprepared for vag. birth and really quite frightened, but there was no time for a more rigorous class (epidurals are standard for all twin moms at the hospital where I delivered). My entire birth experience was really crappy and I wish I had been more knowledgeable and better able to understand what was going on/going wrong.

The doctor's 24-week policy is excellent. I believe that is recommended in Dr. Luke's book, too.


I delivered my twins vaginally -- even though I had previously wanted a c-section. My OB was very supportive of the vaginal delivery and really pushed me for it -- and my labor was very, very fast. I was on hospital bedrest after PPROM and PTL at 30 weeks and missed the childbirth class, and was stressed about it -- but talked to my nurses and they told me that the nurses who was with me when I delivered would tell me everything I needed to do. I felt educated enough about what would happen to not need the "play by play" that some childbirth classes tend to be (or so I have heard) -- and as for the breathing, etc., my delivery nurse did tell me EXACTLY what to do.

I had an epi, the OBs basically refuse to deliver w/o an epi for a twin delivery b/c of the always present possibility of an emergency c-section -- and I am glad I did. I was fully dilated by the time I got it because my labor was SO fast (and the anesthesiologist took his sweet time getting to my room!) -- but I'm definitely glad I had it because labor often stops after the first twin is born and they'll have to give you petocin, or Twin B will "float away" and the OB will have to go find him (and that would NOT be pleasant w/o an epidural!).


Sorry, I should clarify. The OBs at the hospital where I delivered, not all OBs!

Good Egg Hatched

Totally do the class. Not to be an alarmist, but 'plans' aren't exactly set in stone when it comes to childbirth. You will be a lot better equipped to roll with any unexpected punches if you know what's going on and how to cope. I like your doctor's conservative approach, though!


I had two c-section babies and took the child birth classes as well. Our instructor was so great and helped even with stretching that can be done to ease back pain during pregnancy, after birth solutions and then I ended up going into labor with my oldest and needed the breathing. Do it. Take them. It's a right of passage you so greatly deserve!


I'm just catching up posts from this last month or so and can't believe how much I missed!! I'm so happy for you and Ziggy and Stardust look beautiful!

I'm going to add my voice to the chorus and say go do the childbirth classes. It will help you understand all that will happen before you go into active labor and should you need something other than a vaginal birth, you will have some idea of what to expect.

And yay for your NT scan! (I tried to post this comment on that post, but something wonky happened and I couldn't pull up that page anymore.)


I couldn't comment on your newest NT scan post either -- I see in in my Google Reader but when I try to link into it to comment, the page won't come up.

Anyhoo, yay for a SPECTACULAR NT scan! Those odds are incredible and those are the best 3D u/s pix I've ever seen!

I'm sorry the reflux has been so bad -- I've had a bit of it myself (the lovely phenomenon that I like to call "vomit-in-the-throat") but not until much later in the pregnancy. With twinkies, I can see how your stomach might be getting squished earlier. I hope the meds give you relief!

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