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July 16, 2010


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Congratulations!!! Yippee!!!


What a FABULOUS piece of news to start the weekend with!!!


So exciting! I'm not surprised but every milestone deserves it celebration.

It is what it is



Oh I'm so happy to hear that! Fantastic news!!! Sorry I have been MIA - I hope to be back to commenting after the wedding:) xoxoxoxo


I knew it, I felt it in me bones! :) Such happy news!

If my math is correct, you're about 8.5 weeks at this point. I was a nervous wreck until my NT screen at 11.5 weeks - I'm not sure if you're getting the screen, but that one finally let nervous ol' me settle down for the most part. So maybe just 3 more weeks of needless worrying? ;)


Whooooosh! (that is me letting out the breath I have been holding)


Yay!!! so, so happy and relieved for you!

Good Egg Hatched

Hurrah! So happy for you.

In a few weeks, you may want to think about renting a doppler. I didn't, because my OB said I shouldn't. But honestly she's not the one who had to live with the dread...the same dread you're describing. If I had to do it again I would rent one -- it would have made some of my days and nights in the early weeks more tolerable and, dare I say, enjoyable. Sprogblogger rented one -- you can check out her site/contact her for details if you're interested in doing it too....

Lisa dg

great news!


WOOOOOOOO!!!! I have been thinking of you ALL all day and just hoping and praying for this news.
Wonderful, fantastic, leaping in the air news!

and oh the widgets!!! I see widgets!!!!! wooooo!!


Glad to hear that all is well. I hope your worries are abating for the moment and you don't have any more anxious episodes.

Yay for two heartbeats!


Woo-freaking-hoo! I rushed home to recheck my blogfeed since I was without internet this afternoon! What a great thing to see before the weekend. Congrats!!! :D

cat, galloping

Yeah!! NBHHY!


Yehhehhehhehehhehhaaaa. Lovely lovely lovely!!!


YAY!!!!!!!!! So very, very excited for you!

annie merrill

LOVE THEM! Bless those little hearts. So happy for the exciting, Annie


and TWINS in your header, GOOD FOR YOU!
I am so thrilled for you, truly!

I hope this helps you breathe
I always got about 36 hours of peace after a good ultrasound, I hope you have it too.

About a week from now, you can think about the take home doppler idea-- I think it saved me. 10 weeks might be early and it can drive you insane, but I found it really really really really helpful to keep DBT's at bay.

sending love and sincere hearty heartfelt gosh I am so happy for you congratulations!


Bee Cee

I am so so thrilled that things are going well.... And 2...2! Thrilled for you both. Being on the other side of holding a long awaited baby I can tell you it's just the best feeling int the world. And you have twice the thrill to come!!


Yeah!! I kept checking this on Friday waiting for your post! Awesome. The babies each have their own placenta, right? If so, hopefully everything is smooth sailing with only minimal worry from now on!

Next in Line

What a milestone you have reached. I am so happy for you :)


YEAH!!!!! Wonderful, wonderful news x 2!!



I read this in the reader on my phone and I didn't see the ultrasound picture - yay! Soooo happy for you :)!

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