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July 21, 2010


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keep snacking
feeling weird? eat a little something
it is the way I staved (stove?) off barfing.
The doc said that much of the barfy feeling is made worse by low blood sugar, so to not put off eating
eat even when you feel icky too. honestly it saved my ass.


Yay, I'm so happy to hear YOU sounding so happy! I have not barfed once during my entire pregnancy, go figure!

As far as PIO goes, your placenta takes over the full production of progesterone by 10 weeks, but my RE says that it takes a few days for the supplemental to wear off, so alot of REs start to cut off by 9 weeks.

And Hawaii??? So jealous! I loved it there - which islands are you going to? If you go to the Big Island, you have to go to Volcano National Park and walk at dusk (with flashlights) to the lava flow - it's so neat!

Sweet Georgia

Burgers are my best friend right now. Eat when you're hungry to avoid the nausea monster.

I am so jealous of your trip to Hawaii. That's my dream vacation - ever since I saw the move Blue Hawaii when I was a kid I've wanted to go there and have Elvis be my tour guide. ;)


Hey Congrats on almost barfing! And congrats on the last PIO! I know that's an accomplishment. I have already purchased Bedtiming from Amazon and will let you know what I think after I read it. xox

also, can you add me to your blog roll under Ladies with Babies?



When I was pregnant with #2 there was just something about a toasted tuna sandwich and a bowl of chile in the morning. Can't imagine eating it now and it was pretty gross for my co-workers to endure but at the time it was what I had to have. Give those babies what they want when they want it.

So happy for you.


you sound fabulous!!! I would eat chicken salad sandwiches early in the morning...also, ramen noodles. I too went through a HUGE beef phase and ate a ton of cheeseburgers! Absolutely indulge now - I am still indulging but feel guilty because I have a ton of baby weight to lose!

Good Egg Hatched

Yes -- just keep giving those babes what they ask for. Eat, eat, eat, even if it seems ridiculous in terms of volume, cravings, etc.

You sound so healthy. I love that you are trusting your doctors so much this early in the process. I was not that well adjusted, though of course now I see how foolish I was to ever question them. And what an amazing vacation you have ahead! Just keep enjoying the moments....


Yay, you sound so happy! And yes, eat, eat, eat! I absolutely LOVED and CRAVED hamburgers when I was pregnant with the twins. The people that I worked with thought that it was very funny :)

I'm glad you have taken your last PIO shot; they kept me going until 3 months. But I am quite sure that there was no great reason for it. My doctor practically told me so. She said that it was merely a precaution to make her feel better. Not like I have to tell you, but I felt a whole lot better when I was done with them (my bum, anyway!).

And sleep training! Fun! Sort of :) I liked the book "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins."

It also had a good amount of info on the reasoning behind and the timing of sleep training.

I hope you have a lovely time on you vacation filling your mind with wondrous books and your belly with wonderful hamburgers for those babies!


eat and be merry! and get yourself a kindle! you deserve it! xoxox


Yeah for eating and last PIO shot! I think I did more than 100 (over 5 IVF cycles) before we were through. It is good to be done.

Continued good thoughts for you.


For an alternative approach to nurturing good sleep patterns (absolutely necessary with you will soon learn!) check out "Helping Baby Sleep"

I've also really liked Marc Weissbluth "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins"



Lots of good, happy news! Except for the yacks of course but even that could be construed as "good"? Great!!

Ellen K.

Very glad to hear all is well! I think I was able to switch to C.rinone at 7 weeks because I had so much itching at the injection site, and I kept that going until 10 weeks.

I didn't care for Weissbluth's twin book -- I think Ferber gives much more realistic ideas of # of sleep hours (seriously, I think Pantley and Weissbluth factored into my PPD), but if you'd like, you can have my copy of the Weissbluth twin book. Just drop me a line on my blog or email me.

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