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July 09, 2010


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I love your last sentence - it shows you will enjoy every minute (even the not so fun ones) of this pregnancy, and that is how it should be!

Thanks for the great news update.

Oh, and did you need someone to carry your bags?


yay for Hawaii! good to hear from you - and I am looking forward to seeing an 8 week u/s pic!


Hi! I stumbled upon your blog and just wanted to say congratulations!! I'm an IVF veteran and the mom of 13 month old boy/girl twins. When you're ready, Gap Maternity has "demi-panel" pants that are perfect for the early days. I started wearing those around 7 weeks. The hormone induced bloat was ridiculous. And by about 22-24 weeks your belly will measure that of a full-term belly so enjoy showing off your "cute" baby belly as soon as you're ready! Before you know it you won't be able to find maternity shirts that fit :) Enjoy Hawaii!!!


This sounds wonderful. You are enjoying being pregnant and that is the way it should be. Keep on....

Good Egg Hatched

I second the vote for the Gap demi panel -- they were a lifesaver for me both in the first months of pregnancy AND after giving birth, when full-on maternity panels are too big but your regular pants are too small. Highly recommend!

I'm so happy everything continues to go well for you. Hang in there -- you are halfway through the yucky part!


So glad everything is going so well! yahoooo!!!!! wonderful news. enjoy hawaii!!


Gosh, it sounds like the change of OB's was a no-brainer. Good for you. Hope everything continues going so well.

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