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July 16, 2010


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Tons and tons and tons of great thoughts! I just know you're going to get great news today, I feel it in my gut. I can't wait for your post later!

As for you vacation plans, anything will be awesome I'm sure. But I did want to my two cents for how awesome Hawaii is, especially the Big Island. Like, change your life amazin, even if you couldn't stay right on the beach. Though take a peek at condo rentals at in the Kona area of the Big Island - you might get a better deal on beachfront or at least oceanview than you think. And Hawaii is so pricey for eating out, that a condo would be great because you could save alot by making some meals at home.

Will be thinking of you all day!

It is what it is

It's 4 hours now. Can't wait for your update!

Beach vacation and bikini. FUN!


Yay for excited thoughts....keep the others away. Wishing good news for you today!


Should be going on now, right?? I'm sending comforting and happy thoughts your way.

Oh, and by the way, 34G????!!!??? You are going to make quite a few heads turn on the beach!! :D

Hoping for a great update!


I think that you're probably in your appointment right now, so I am sending you a million good vibes and positive thoughts! Strong heartbeats, good measurements, a healthy mama and two healthy little babies!

How about the USVI for a beach vacation? We went to ST. Thomas and St. John for our honeymoon and it was AMAZING. St. John is definitely more expensive, but there are a ton of oceanfront resorts on St. Thomas!


I'm so glad that you're feeling positive, and can't wait to hear the good news.

I am also much surprised that I had no idea that we were the exact same size (well, 34G pre-pregnancy). I definitely want to see photos of this bikini.


Hoping to hear good news very soon! Thinking of you guys...


Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you. Cleaning up for the housekeeper..I do that too! :)


You must be getting that u/s right about now. I hope you are grinning ear to ear.

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