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July 26, 2010


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This post really made me smile! Go, babies, Go!


Yay for dancing babies! Avoid maternity bras like the plague - they are awful. That said, I did get a maternity sleep bra quite early (not that it saved my breasts, you know). I'd either try an extender if it's just your ribcage moving (growing?) or go buy a few cheap bras. Your ribcage and size will continue to fluctuate (the joy) so there's no point in investing a lot at this point.

And since we're on a subject I obviously have oodles to share on, I am happy to report that after 15 years in underwires I can now comfortably wear a non-underwire out and about (but only after trying every nursing bra on the market). Just saying in can be done because you will be skeptical when you look at the nursing selection (I also own about 10 different underwire nursing bras. Mostly specially ordered from abroad, but the rest of the world wears them and is fine).

Not on Fire

On advice from my doctor, I avoided underwire bras, but other than that I went for what was cheapest. They don't last long. Most women go up 3 to 5 sizes. I went up 8.

As I went on my journey to 38J, I learned to call ahead to make sure that they carried my size.



I kept regular bras... The maternity ones never felt right (but I'm a bit larger and needed the support of a "real" bra)

It is what it is

It is always such a glorious sight...babies in utero!


Gorgeous!!!! I stayed in regular bras until I delivered...scratch that, until I was at home on modified bed rest and then I just wore sleep maternity bras...I was a 36D and I am a 38G now until I stop breast feeding...

I avoided underwire too until I went back to work - these girls need the extra support! I hear Spice waking up - I am so happy for you but gotta run!


Yay, babies! They're so cute!! I forgot how cute there are at this point - like live gummi bears, I would have wanted one so sad when I was 8 years old, just like sea monkeys!

As for maternity bras, they're a scam. I went for nursing bras -- really, all you need is a bigger bra, I went up a size and cup (i.e. 34C to 36D) and it's been fine. I got a few at Target and my favorites are also the non-underwire (in my non-pg life, I always wear underwire). With the nursing bras, at least I'll get 18 months or so out of them, instead of a few months.

Keep posting happy updates!


Gummi bears- that's cute.

How exciting to see them doing so well.

I'm no help with the bras. I'm not pregnant and I'm still trying to figure them out.

the Mom

When mine got HUGE and sore, I started wearing some serious jog bras instead of regular ones. They have mesh underneath which cuts down on the dreaded under-boob sweat, and offer tons of support. Go to a store like academy which offers bras for serious athletes. They carry up to DDD. If you need bigger than that, they can order them for you.

Ellen K.

Looking good! I love seeing twin ultrasound images.

I think I just wore a larger bra size, one cup and one band size larger. It was sufficient for most of my twin pregnancy.

Next in Line

Wow those babies look great. I would definitely go for cheap bigger bras. You will probably out grow them before you know it.

Sweet Georgia

Congratulations on two wonderful dancing babies!


Great photo of the babies!


Squeee! This makes me so very happy! :-)


Awesome pics! I searched high and low for nursing bras with some support (non-underwire) and found one style I loved from Bravado. You can order right from their website if I recall correctly. I used them while my twins were in the NICU - kept me mostly covered while pumping. I mainly wore really comfy non-maternity bras for around the house from a yoga store called Lululemon. (At home you don't have to be so modest!)


aww--how amazing to see those beautiful babies !!! As for the bra I bought some sports bras to wear, but I didn't go out of the house much, after he was born I kinda wish I had bought some nursing bras and shirts to make feeding easier. I haven't used a maternity bra but i did find a maternity tank top online that has a built -in bra that was so comfortable . I wore it ALL the time, I found it at JC penney or sears online, I got one at but it wasn't as comfortable as the other one. I even wear it now but not as much ...

[email protected]


You go girl!


I say go get a nice bigger bra. I did that for LB and wore it through that pregnancy and the second one. It was a victoria's secrete $45.00 bra and I loved it but still wore it out and happily tossed it after LBII was born.

There are some better nursing bras that work fine during pregnancy. Brand names escape me at the moment but they are also in the $50.00 range. The down side is that they tend to have thick straps and not great for summer.


Oops! Forgot to comment on the important part . . . yeah for healthy babies!


Beautiful in every way!
since you might keep growing, spend less not more right now but get something that is pretty (I bought an ugly one and could. -- I went to Kohls and got two for 30 (maidenform)-- great to have something that fits ! but also happy to have not spent much more since each week it seems to change.

Happy beautiful babies, S, I am thrilled for you.


You have two babies growing inside you!!! It is amazing each and every time! I love Ziggy and Stardust... I can relate to Ziggy, being all camera shy and such. So much fun and don't forget to eat and eat like you have never eaten before.


Hey -- I know it's random to post this on an old blog post but I wanted to let you know that I saw a great deal on a luxury Maui hotel today:

The place is gorgeous and that's the best price I've ever seen. I wasn't sure if your trip fell in the date range, but it's worth checking in to!

Lisa dg

I'd get nursing bras, but you need to go a little larger than you need now so you can get use afterward too.
I bought them from a

Bee Cee

Yeah for the babies!! Keep up the good work Mummy!
I stayed in normal bras until I started breastfeeding but I didn't get the growth factor till then. My advice would be go for the cheapest option if you need new ones, there's so much wasted money with pregnancy and baby stuff.


Great photo of the little ones! I just bought normal bras but increase my number as well as the cup size and that seemed to work until our daughter was born :-)

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