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May 16, 2010


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I felt so hopeful reading this! I love picking furniture off curbs ( or here mostly our of alleys)! This is very encouraging!
I have a tiny stash of baby things I have bought when feeling hopeful hiding in my bottom drawer!


I'm giggling as I read this post! Glad you are feeling hopeful!


Love it - love the hope.


that is terrific. Loving the idea about painting the crib - could have a lot fun.


Awesome! Hope is sometimes good.

Are You Kidding Me?

Bargain shopping! Even better than hope! Good luck with the anti-thyroid antibodies. I hope you can get good treatment.

It is what it is

I had Grave's disease and treated it homeopathically for as long as I could. I highly recommend getting under the care of an endocrinologist. Not only do you want to closely monitor this during pregnancy, but post partum, your thyroid is likely to do wonky things, too, and having an already established relationship with someone will be helpful for you.

Congrats on the crib and the other gently used finds you seem lucky to find.


Entertaining cribs and the like is very healthty. I have not bought anything for my baby yet (after living the horror of having to return items with the loss of my last pregnancy) and so can understand that this is a big deal. 3 weeks ago I suggested to my husband that we go and look at baby things and he almost fell over. Once we did, he said that this is something that 'real' people do and he's glad I would conceed to that. So good for us!
My mother just had thyroid surgery and thankfully all went well. Her doctor wanted to remove a portion that he felt could turn malignant in the future. Thankfully the portion removed was benign. The time to take care of this is now so good for you for being proactive. Once I have baby I have to look into mine - the doctor that placed my TAC suggested i do so b/c he found it to be a little large. I hope it's nothing to worry about in both our cases...


LOVE reading about the hope. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

My thyroid was apparently "borderline" pre and during pregnancy (but I never knew!) so post pg everything went bananas. I am still in the med tinkering phase/doing labs every 4 weeks phase- but thankful that treatment is as simple as popping a pill. VERY glad that you and your doctors are totally on top of this. That is fantastic!!!

Are you still on lupron? I need constant cycle updates!

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