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May 12, 2010


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Doctors don't think anyone is smart as a whip, unless it's another doctor. Sweet probably means "not a raging bitch" in this case.


Or you could just decide to interpret "sweet" as an acronym.

Smart, Whippy, Edgy, Ebullient, Talented. She sounds a lot like you, actually. Practically your twin!


I felt the same way on sucks. I am so happy that you are on the move with it though!!!


You know there really is nothing to do while you're waiting for transfer except to worry about every thing that comes your way. So, it's no wonder you feel whiny and cranky. Still, it would be nice not to have to worry about lupron side effects and TSH!


So much on your plate - yet so much to be hopeful for! Prayers that the lupron effects lessen.


Yes, lots going on. Grit your teeth and bare the lupron. I just went off the damn stuff and I'm very glad. I'm sure the donor is smart as a whip as well as sweet. They make those judgements with only casual contact. Doesn't matter if you connect with's baby you'll have the REAL connection with. Keep on girl, you're getting through it.


Your doctor is trying to tell you what she thinks you want to hear- that the donor is sweet. She probably says the same thing about you ; )


I just posted a comment and then it went away. I think it didn't make it, so I'm trying again.

I never used lupron, but suprefact (my lupron equivalent) made me feel really weird at first, but then it got much better after 2-3 days. It may be the same way with lupron.

As for your thyroid, that's not fair. You are already dealing with enough. Make them take it back.


good luck, girl! I'm thinking of you.


I later heard the lupron part of an ART cycle referred to as the "loopy lupron days" and that soooo rang true with me. Dizzy is part of it and I would also totally just go blank in the head.

As for the tsh- very good that you have someone keeping an eye on that. phew

As for the "sweet"- When I hear that my brain translates that to "kind"- which is pretty lovely.


Lupron was also evil for me during my first cycle- after that not so bad. I felt flushed all over and I was a raging biatch emotionally. Hope that helps you feel less crazy.

As for sweet. I agree that brilliant would be a better adjective in my mind. Our clinic kept telling us our donor was nice and pretty (me thinking: whoopee, a cheerleader) whereas they said our first donor "filled up the whole room with her personality." you can guess which I liked better. :) now I just keep reminding myself of all the adopted children I know who look and act just like their adoptive parents. I tell myself this will be the case at my house-- we will makes them so smart with early exposure to learning and willhelp themlearn to be funny and sharp. It works for me. Perhaps you should more fully embrace a paradigm like "everything works out for the best." I know that with your analytic brain that will be a hard thing to convince yourself but if you can do-- this ride is so much easier.


OOH I remember the Lupron before my IUI cycle -It made me feel like my body had no bones , I had no strength whatsoever and my hair looked like straw for about two weeks. I was also emotional but that could've been due in part to the whole infertility issues and the emotions it brings to us .

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