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May 30, 2010


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Yes!!!!! The whole week is for happy!


Yay for triggering!


Wooo hooooo Go Go Go.


I think just being happy in this moment is the exact place you need to be...... Balance and all! Sooooooooo excited. Great follies and it sounds like this cycle has gone smoothly. Perfect.


Ohh the very best of luck. The donor sounds like she did a good job!!
Fingers crossed for the 5 day transfer and a quick BFP


No need for deep thoughts- sometimes it's enough to just feel happy and hopeful.


Woot, woot! Enjoy that happy and free feeling as long as possible. Sending you tons of good vibes for a great ER report tomorrow and an even better fert report on Wednesday!

It is what it is

I saw a friend yesterday who is pregnant with boy/girl twins through donated embryos and am having lunch this week with a friend who is also pregnant with twins through a DE/DS cycle in Prague! While I am amazed and humbled at the science that brought these beautiful pregnancies to bear, I am also feeling good vibes for you. Everything is coming together and my prayer for you will be for success each step of the way...from the # of mature eggs retrieved, to high fert rate, to great embryo development, to smooth transfer, to a peaceful 2ww, and a positive result at the end. I will be pulling for you.

Lisa dg

Welcome to the ride of your life! I wish you so much luck with this - may it be the last cycle you ever need. xoxo

Are You Kidding Me?

Excellent! Tonight is indeed for happy!


fist pump! you go!


Good times and happy news!


soo awesome.. hoping all goes welll and grow babies grow.


Great news! Hope you can carry that happy with you for awhile!


wooooooooooo!!!!!! That is fantastic. I am thinking of you and wishing on all stars. About time for some GOOD news, sweetie. About damn time.


Hot Damn!

good good good
thinking of you


How freaking EXCITING!!! I'll be checking back for the fert report tomorrow!


wahoooo!!! sending you all the best and thinking of you : )


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