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April 15, 2010


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Bee Cee

Oh sh*t. I am sorry.


OH NO!!! What happened! Sarah, I'm so sorry.



wtf i am so sorry


Oh no! I'm so sorry.


I am so so sorry. What a disappointment!!


Shit! shit shit shit. Why does this have to happen? Shit!!!

I am so sorry. I cannot even imagine what you must be feeling right now. I want to rant at the universe, but I'm sure you're doing enough of that yourself.

But I just might do it anyway.



Fuck? Why? Don't tell me it's the BMI, cause that's silly. Mine is VERY high, as you know, and I produced a ridiculous number of eggs. :(


This can't be true. Why?


Well. crap.

cat, galloping

WHA?! What happened?


oh honey!!!!! I would be furious if it was the BMI. No way does that indicate egg quality or quantity.
Just so so so upset for you guys. Is there a donor in the wings that the clinic endorses???

It is what it is

Oh no! That was NOT supposed to happen.

And, while I know this sucks RIGHT now and it should, there must be a valid reason which might save you heartache down the line with this particular donor.



Oh no, what happened? That's terrible!
I'm so pissed for you.
I don't know if you know but our donor that we used for our baby was our third donor! Two of them had emergency health issues at the last minute and it held us up a lot - I was so pissed.
I hate to be Pollyanna about it, but our third donor turned out to be the best of them all and we're really glad we got her.
I hope they can turn this around soon and find you another donor soon that fits the bill!


No!! Fuck. Why?!?

After Words

Good God! I am so sorry.

Lisa dg

WTF?!!!! Why?


WHAT??! Why??? I mean, I have to imagine that he's saying this because it is the best course of action, but how did things go south so quickly? And like Tireegal says, I hav several friends that had to go through 2-3 donors, even after the cycle started, but one stuck - for a variety of reasons. I know this seems like unbelievably bad luck that could only happen to you, but unfortunately I think it's fairly common with a somewhat unknown quantity. You WILL get your baby, even if it taks another donor.

But still, crap.


I'm so sorry for the setback. I wish I could wave my magic fairy wand and transport you to the next phase immediately. Barring that, how about a cocktail?


Good lord, not again?! I am so sorry.


Oh shit! I'm so sorry.

Good Egg Hunting

Oh I'm so sorry...why?


Fuck is right...i'm so sorry. Let me keep reading...

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