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April 14, 2010


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So many things to worry about! Sounds like the BMI was not interfering with location of ovaries, if they had a follicle count, though.


You're getting there, toots! Hibernate away, because you'll be posting with all sorts of stats and details soon!


Sounds like things are falling into place, one by one. I'm excited for you!


I am so excited for you - I have been thinking of you!


It is such an exciting time! And I learned something today- never thought about the BMI being an issue.


Hibernating a bit myself, good to have some quiet time. I'm glad you've gotten such good news. Best of luck.


I'm feeling a bit like a hibernating hedgehog too! Extremely psyched for you and your pleasantly plump donor. I think BMI is weighted in favor of thin people - whoops!! I mean they are unrealistic about regular peoples weights!
Game on, sister!!!!

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