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April 20, 2010


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Zowie. Good luck with the decision making!


This is all so tough. I like your description "blotted out" by having someone who doesn't resemble you at all. I get that. Like we're hoping to retain a small sense of ourselves through these processes. I'm glad you have the 5 day right of first refusal so you can take some time to process decision making. there's so much more to it than picking someone who "makes the most sense" as i know you know. hope you're able to feel that it's the right fit on all the many levels. thinking of you.



This choosing and connecting with a donor business sounds incredibly more difficult than our process of using frozen donor eggs. It sounds absolutely heartbreaking to be disappointed again and again as plans fall through. I so hope this donor is the one able to help you get your babies. I am sorry for all the hurt you have been through on this journey.

I must say now that we have twins on the way (and not even through my own body), I simply do not care who the donor happens to be. I hope you also find this level of peace.


Sarah - I really beleive that the child we get is the child we were meant to have. Regardless of the setbacks just realize that every day is one day closer that child. I have never had to deal with this side of infertility, but I fully understand the disapointment of set backs. Still, you have options on the table and you are boldly considering each - there is no other option then to continue to plug away at your dream.
Right behind you...


You're right...this is one crazy undertaking. My transfer w/ donor egg will be around the 17th. Good luck with the new donor, I'll be thinking of you.


I'm glad to hear that you've settled on a plan that seems to feel OK right now, and I'm also glad that you've given yourself a little time to decide if it REALLY feels OK. Good luck!

It is what it is

So glad to read that a path is revealing itself re: out of country donor and all ready to go donor.

I hope it comes together easily, whatever you decide.


Wow. It sounds like we've got a plan and I KNOW how good that must feel. Yes!

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