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    This gal is so cool. You'll wish she could be your donor. No, really.

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February 27, 2010


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WOOHOO INDEED! So glad that's out of the way and you sound thrilled with her, whic is a good thing. Can't wait for more updates on the upcoming cycle, so what's the timing now? April, perhaps? Wahoooo for being on your way!!!!


Phew! I know it's been a long and difficult trip, and I'm so glad your decision is made! Congratulations!

Lisa dg

Oh- I am so happy for you. This is fabulous news. Just think- your life may be forever changed due to this connection. Hang on- it's bound to be a wild ride!

I am so glad to be on this journey with you.


I believe anyone willing to donate eggs is amazing and if you feel such kinship with her then she is certainly a special person and good choice to invite into your family. I'm thrilled for you.


You pre-process and collect data, you decide, and then you flat out go for it with all you have. Sounds like me : )


And there is something magical about baking, isn't there?

cat, galloping

Yay! So glad something good has happened for you!


Freakin awesome!! You have a donor AND she wrote you back. Such good news indeed.


Yay! That has to be a huge relief - I am so excited for you!


fantastic news. seriously fantastic!!! I love that you get to know her name and I love that you wrote her and she wrote back and that you feel good. Oh honey I LOVE it when you are feeling good. I want that for you every day. xo


Congratulations! So happy for you to read this great news!


Yay, I'm so thrilled for you that things are starting to move and getting exciting! I love that your donor wrote back instantly - polite and speedy, my kind of girl! ;) It shows that she's tkaing being a donor seriously and is aware of the people on the other side, love it! :)

Sweet Georgia

Congratulations! So glad to read this news.

the good eggs

I would kill to have a bio of my recipients. I'm jealous.


This is so awesome. Congrats, girlie!


Awesome awesome awesome! She sounds fantastic, and I am so thrilled for you that you can now move on to the next stage.

A first name is a fantastic thing. It will make it so much easier to talk to your children about her.


This is great news! There's nothing like 'connecting' with a donor! Yeah!!! I hope testing goes well and they can find a suppression protocol that works for you :) very excited for you!


That's wonderful news --I am so happy for you.


Oh yay! I'm so excited for you. It sounds like things are finally going together for you and your DH with this process. I hope it goes smoothly. Can't wait to hear how it works out!

Take care.

Bee Cee

So thrilled at your news. Let's get this show on the road!


Yippee!!! I'm glad you like her. I say, why not meet her or encourage your kid(s) to.


Yay!!! So glad you are excited about your donor. Can't wait to hear more.


Awesome. I love updates like these!!! Keep the good news coming...

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