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    This gal is so cool. You'll wish she could be your donor. No, really.

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January 13, 2010


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That is, scintillating, actually. I've wondered how the shared donor situation actually works in real life. (Um, and my clinic does have a lot of Jewish donors, btw. Ms DonorFantastica isn't, but one of our other donor possibilities was, & my clinic tests for Tays-sachs (sp?) & other Ashkenazian gene issues as a routine matter-of-course.) email me off blog if you actually do want my clinic info - I (obviously) couldn't be happier with them.


Wow, this is exciting stuff. I'm going to have to go back and see if you posted about why/how you chose this particular donor and what makes her so great, but regardless, I think it's about time that you got what you want.

I wonder whether a child born to a Jewish woman from a non-Jewish donor is technically considered Jewish according to Halacha. My guess is yes, but I think that picking a Jewish donor is a really good idea, regardless.


Wow, what a maze to navigate. It is fascinating.


You go girl - you keep advocating for yourself!


Oh wow! I had no idea of the ins and outs of DE or cycle sharing. A whole new level of "stuff" to weed through I guess. Sounds like you've got a good handle on it though. I so hope this is the path that gets you to your family.

Good luck and take care!


Good luck! Hope a perfect donor comes through soon.

Lisa dg

I'm wishing that this works out smoothly for you. btw, I consulted a couple rabbis about de and they said that the one that carries the child determines the religion of the child. Not sure if that makes a difference to you, but I thought I'd share.

whatever you need, know that I am here, even if I haven't been so diligent of late.

the good eggs

Timing is everything. Am I reading this right that we're talking a fifth donation for this super donor if you get her next? She sounds like the fun toy on the playground that everyone wants a piece of.

{Also, sorry for the serialized comments...I'm catching up in order!}

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