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January 23, 2010


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I'm so sorry about your back, ugh! I hope you can take it easy today and it feels better soon.

I'm glad Donor One feels like a good fit. Do you know how soon it'll be until the donor coordinator hears back? Also, if she doesn't stim ideally, are you able to cancel the cycle? Though her FSH/AFC/E2 just last year sound spectacular, so I bet she'll stim really well.

Congrats on getting closer!


It sounds exciting, and I'm with you - Donor #1 sure sounds fantastic. Shall be eagerly waiting to hear what happens next - what sort of timeline are you looking at, at this point? Congratulations on getting to narrow it down a bit - I honestly think that's the most stressful part of the DE thing - choices, choices, too many choices!


Great research. I know for our donor - I picked the same nationality as my DH with similar coloring...and he did not appear to be totally lacking in the brains department.

It is surreal - picking a donor - it made me feel all weird science-y but hey, we want the best for our kid(s), right!!??


Tough choices. Good luck. I know what you mean about people just not looking right...


Wow (I think I've said this before) - you are amazing. It really shouldn't be this hard for someone who wants a baby of their own to have one. Please know I am praying for you and someday {soon} when you are holding a beautiful baby you will be a source of comfort and inspiration for others.


Donor #1 sounds great! I can imagine how hard it must be to pick. The little details would drive me crazy. I was thinking the other day that if we use DE for #2, what if they ended up having weird ears? Really so what, of course, but it kind of freaked me out. So I get it about the eyes. Eye color isn't something that we'd worry about, because given dh's genetics, our kids will have dark-eyed children regardless of the maternal contribution, but I get it about the details.

Good luck coming to a decision, and then beyond. Thanks for the update.


Which ever Donor you pick, best of luck! I can sympathize with the bad back - can I ever! Hope it gets resolved quickly.


I imagine this process to be completely overwhelming, but you make it seem...not overwhelming. Donor 1 sounds like a great fit for you, your DH and your doctor. And yeah, those connections do make a difference! LOL! I hope this process moves along smoothly for you.

Take care!

the good eggs

I'm thinking donor one is sending you all the right vibes, although with my couple's recent failed fresh transfer I can't help sympathizing with the other two (but not enough to push them on you). I hope this week's FET results in a beautiful baby so I can relax about my eggs.

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