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January 15, 2010


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Waiting SUCKS!!! I hope that things fall into place quickly and smoothly!

Good Egg Hunting

I hope you find your way to the right donor very soon -- I am certain you will find the right situation!


Having done one DE cycle (that failed along with a DFET that failed) my only assvice is go with a PROVEN donor whose eggs are capable of getting another woman pregnant.

I knew better & didn't heed my own advice (allowing my desire for a better match on other qualities to cloud my judgement).

PROVEN ONLY, 'nuff said (let someone else be the guinea pig).

the good eggs

Next time I'm at the clinic I'm going to be pushy donor and ask about all these numbers. I mean, hey, what's my FSH? Why are you writing these things down and sharing them around, but not telling me, wise guy?

And also, you're making me incredibly anxious to know if my first couple got a BFP. I don't want to be the "lots of eggs, but no babies" girl.


hope the stars align quickly and you find "the one"! thanks for the bfing support :)


Oh, that poor donor. You couldn't help but walk away wondering if it was the drugs that did it. My clinic had a donor who suddenly (3rd time?) produced almost no follicles but after a couple month break she was good to go again. I wonder if it could be the same thing.

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