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December 10, 2009


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I think that it's great that you're really thinking about this stuff now, rather than pretending that it's not there. My father grew up in a blended family (with step-siblings and half-siblings) and it's always been really interesting to me the way that they all claim each other as siblings, and act like siblings, yet they also frequently focus on the differences in appearance, character, etc. between each set of kids ("his" "hers", and "theirs"). Obviously that's a different situation from sperm donation, but they're all in their 60's and 70's now, and are still incredibly close. I think that their example has always made it clear to me that it's the love and the sense of belonging that makes a family, not the genes, and that talking about genetic origins doesn't have to threaten the integrity of the family bond.


Similar story here... no translocation, but we had to choose between donor sperm and no baby (or else adoption, but we didn't make it that far). At first, using a donor was a BIG DEAL. Now that we're 25 weeks into the pregnancy, I rarely think about it. This is the one way we were able to conceive OUR baby, and the fact that a donor was invoived has no affect on who this baby's daddy is.

Lisa DG

This is his baby through and through. Even with DE, sometimes I even forget that part and think about whether my daughter will have my hazel eyes.

Wishing you so much happiness in 2010.

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