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November 07, 2009


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I'm so happy to read this. I totally understand your excitement, I'm ready for DE too. Ready to actually feel like I have a chance and that every cycle, even ones that result in pregnancy, is not doomed. I'm humoring my RE with a couple more IVFs with my own eggs, since I have them covered, but I really feel OK with DE, should I get there in the spring.

And blogging should be a comfort, not an obligation - so blog as little or as much as you want. Guilt-free zone!


soo glad for an update- you sound really good. xo


All babies are miracles, regardless of where or how they start out.


I am so glad you are feeling ready and I agree with Calliope - you sound really good. I wouldn't recommend anyone go down our path of craziness. We're not even 100% sure that we're going to, although we're leaning that way. So wonderful to see an update. You're one of my favorites.




Our babies were conceived with me in stirrups, getting inseminated by a woman I never met with the sperm from a man I have never meet, will never meet, with my husband by my side.

And you know what - I forget that all the time and when I do remember, it does not matter. I often forget that we used DS. These babies are ours.


So glad that you posted, love the new layout. I'm glad that you have come to a decision to with DE to help accomplish your family. You say that won't see yours or your husband's family expressed in your children, but you will. You'll see it in the way they talk and act. You see it in the way they view the world. Sure genes are a big thing, but family is so much about what you do together that shapes happiness and people of good character. Best wishes and luck.


crossing my fingers and sending you lots of luck


They say that a person "just knows" when they're ready to move on to donor gametes. It sounds like you're getting there. ((HUGS))


Awesome, awesome, awesome. And I like what Traci said: you'll see yourselves expressed in your child's behavior and character, which is the only part any of us can take credit for anyway, and which also, by far, counts the most.

Fingers, as always, crossed tightly!


I went through that too - wondering if I should have tried the big guys. After talking to my RE for a bit - who is friends with the guy who started that clinic - and relooking at my clinic stats and their stats for the age group of when I started, I don't think I would have had better results.

Not that I will ever KNOW. Heck, it could have been bad luck or just not the right combination of things that made the difference in the cycles I had. So there will always be the wondering, but it does feel great to have our little miracle. I could still be trying (or given up childless) if we hadn't moved on.

I am excited for you being excited. Bring it on!


You've been through a lot and nobdy can say that you haven't had a damn good try. I hope the DE cycle works,



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