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September 03, 2009


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It always helped me to have a plan for what we will do next. I'm hoping, though, that you won't have to put your plan into motion.


Sometimes I think that looking towards the future helps when our present is so uncertain.

Fingers crossed.

Traci (blueowl)

It helped me a bit to talk and send love to those little babies no matter what. They were MINE they were WITH ME and I wished them all the best hoped they had it in their power to STAY. I was glad to at least give them a fighting chance because I'm a fighter. You're a fighter.

Lisa DG

I am just going to hold that this is all a mute point. Stranger things have happened. Other people got pregnant with slow growing embryos, transferred on day 3.

We'll all be here for you as you cross that bridge, if indeed you need to.

For now I hold all the hope in the world for you.


Oh I have felt that way so many times during our IVFs and our miscarriages - jaw open, eyes glazed over -this is me, this is our life???? I really felt that way about using DS for a while but you know what - we don't really even think about it anymore. It just isn't important. These are our babies. I am glad that it is happening like that - I had some fears about how/what we would be feeling.

I hope you are pregnant!!!!


I am like you in that I always had a plan before embarking on a treatment (now I'm off of the map, and don't know what to do, but that's another story). It made me feel better at the time, but sometimes looking ahead at it did feel very strange indeed. I think you really won't know how you feel until you get there. However your family forms, it will end up feeling normal to you somewhere along the way, I think. Regardless, I hope that this is it, and you can stop looking forward and start gazing straight at your own navel.

Dreams and False Alarms


Dreams and False Alarms

I am a fighter--but sometimes I forget that when my teeth are falling out
and my eyes are swollen shut. However, I'm feeling pretty peppy today!

Dreams and False Alarms

Yes, my therapist has pointed out that a little denial and repression can go
a long way to saving mental health. I know you will be there for me, which
ever road this takes. I'm sending good thoughts for your pregnancy!

Dreams and False Alarms

I think I mischaracterized myself. I don't feel particularly distressed, but
more like surprised--sort of like when you end up on a different train, but
you are going to the same destination.

I think that adding donor eggs to the equation is what is still to be
processed. If that is right for us, we will do it, but it is a huge step. It
feels bigger to me than adding donor sperm did.

I hope I'm pregnant too!

Dreams and False Alarms

I do need to remind myself that it we will probably have about 4 to 6 years
of totally 'normal', and then things have more potential to get complicated.
And complicated is not necessarily horrific, but it's just something to be
prepared for.



You know that I've been there and can relate to everything you've said. I (heart) you. xo

Dreams and False Alarms

I know you've got my back, and my heart. I'm so sorry that I didn't' make it
NYC this summer--the kitty, the stress, it was just too much. But in sad
news, but good for NYC visit's, Dave's mom is pretty unlikely to be able to
come and visit because of osteoporosis, we'll definetly be making some trips

Are you going to have a congregation when you are through with your program,
or is is more geared toward independent, freelance kind of spiritual



As always, well said. I have been there too. I still wonder why . . .was it really me or the sperm?

Wishing you success and peace.

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