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September 10, 2009


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God, Amen. Everything you write is like it could have come out of my own brain. I've gotten to the point that I think I might actively hate my own eggs and think that the blessed surprise pregnancy might be a bad thing. I'm not sure if I'm ready to actively avoid TTC until we can afford DE (hopefully with our tax return next February) but if I do conceive again, it will not be welcomed like the blessed event that it should, but rather as a very suspicious ticking package. How that does suck.

Dreams and False Alarms

It sucks very much. the image of a very suspicious ticking package
absolutely describes it. The baby bomb.


It sounds like you have so much to deal with at the moment. Just wanted to say that I'm thinking of you and hoping you find peace through the next couple of weeks of either anticipation or planning.


I hear ya.


Oh Sarah. I'm so sorry. I'm thinking of you.


I am sorry. I know how shitty I felt after 3.5 IVFs and 2 miscarriages with my husband's sperm. We then went to donor sperm and I had another miscarriage. I was like WTF - this cannot be happening. So, we tried again with my eggs (I was ready to dump them), clomid and donor sperm. I am keeping it all crossed for you. ((HUGS))


I'm not convinced a genetic link to one parent is better than none, so wherever you end up, don't beat yourself up. It would be great if your next procedures worked, just because it would be sooner, and of course, not as expensive. But as long as something works, that is all that matters. Hang in there.


Hugs. Big Big Hugs.


what can I say, sarah. you are singing my song.


I am so sorry you have to go through this excruciating meat grinder. I think you have gone through your options in a strong and very thoughtful way. I admire that very much. Sending you lots of hugs and hope.


I wish I could be there to give you a hug right now. Just to say I'm sorry and that I wish I could change things. Big hugs.

Thank you for your support on my blog. Your comment about the twins looking as good as 35 weekers brought my spirits up.


I think I understand. I have wondered if IUI and DS would have worked for us. Afterall, my only long-term pregnancy came from an IUI. Maybe my eggs were hurt by the gonadotropins. Yet, when it came to it, my RE thought our chances / cycle with IUI and DS were probably only about 10% for a medicated cycle and I just couldn't keep trying that long. It might have worked and that would have been great, but we still wouldn't have had our mutually genetic baby.

May those IUI's either work or at least go fast. I know this isn't easy.

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