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September 30, 2009


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GL with the IUI, I hope you don't have to find that DeGenBlanchWinsDi donor! Is it possible that your donor agency can actively recruit certain physical characteristics? Is that weird? It seems doable, to place a sort of want ad, if nont of their donors appeal to you.

I know what you mean about being ready to dive into DE now that you're ready for it. We're going to wait until Spring (tax return will fund most of the process) and do a couple of IVFs in the interim. But at this point I'm scared of my own eggs and just ready to move on already!

GL in the 2WW and if no luck, November is coming up really fast!


"feelings you thought you'd mastered rear up again?" Every day. Every damn day.


Here's hoping on the IUI, and I didn't realise egg donors all had round faces :)

Actually, that sounds flippant, what I mean is it is one more sucky thing that you can't find somebody who physically fits the bill for you,




will be thinking & hoping.
had to chuckle about the round faces & egg donors.
The resemblance stuff is complicated. When searching for my sperm donor I basically went looking for someone that looked like me because I didn't want to have anyone question me. Which is totally all ego and whatever, but I guess I am just trying to say that I SO get this thought and I think it is valid.

I will say that several friends of mine that have achieved motherhood via donor eggs or embryos have children that look SO much like them. And these are, for the most part, women that had slim pickings when it came to getting matched.

Does your clinic have a good matching person?

Well here is to hoping you don't even need to worry about finding Kate's boob gene.

Not On Fire

I, too, worried about the resemblance thing. I have to tell you though people look for the resemblances and find them. I often hear "He has your colouring", "He has your chin." or "He looks like cousin X" I always respond with "Do you think so?"

It turned out not to matter.


I hope the IUI is it...

Not to say that choosing DS is the same as choosing DE, but I think about the resemblance issue less and less as time goes on for me - we actually forget about the fact we used DS - but I am not sure how it will be if/when the babies are born and people gush over how they look like Mr. M. It truly is a loss and somedays are better than others. For us, making the decision and jumping off was the hardest.

Lisa DG

I know that feeling of loss, but being ready to move on at the same time. Let's hope the discussion is moot and you are preggo. I can recommend some DE agencies if you need them- I am sure you can find someone who at least could be your relative.


Yes, I still have stuff come up, but not as much as I did pre LB. At least I don't think so.

I don't know what to say about the round faced donors. For me, it just isn't my genes. I don't care how many people say LB's X looks like my X or just looks like me in general. Her looks are not mine. In my better moods, they are HER looks. In lesser moods . . . well, you can guess.

GL with the IUI!


Yeah, that resemblance thing is weird. My donor looked nothing like me and recently I have had people who don't know AND who know we used DE tell me my son looks like me. Don't know what to make of that. Sometimes I think people see what they want to see.

For me, like Kami, my son just looks like my son. I really don't think about whether he looks like my donor or my husband.

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