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September 02, 2009


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My doc only does 3 day transfers, and I did get pregnant 3 out of 4 transfers. Seriously - it might not be the news you were hoping for, but it's not the worst news either. I'm sending all kinds of good wishes your way!


Prayers and good thoughts being sent your way. Also, wishing you lots of luck...


Thinking of you and sending you all my good growing vibes.


My clinic also only does 3 day transfers unless you've got more than 5 going in. I'm praying your babies pick up their cleave rate, I've seen it happen plenty of times. They'll do better in mama than in a lab anyway. I'll be sending you tons of prayers and positive thought in the next 2 weeks.


I am thinking of you too and sending all sorts of good energy! I got pregnant twice from 3 day transfers - my IRL is now pregnant with twins from a 3 day transfer with "less than perfect" embryos.


There are many 3 day embryos that will develop into babies if in a body, but not into blastocysts if in a lab. The per-transfer pregnancy rate is higher with blastocysts, but the per-retrieval rate is higher when all embryos are transfered at day 3 (combining the fresh and frozen). So you shouldn't feel bad about transferring sooner; it is preferred unless cost and time are paramount.


What a decision- and you made it out of love. That's all that matters right now. Prayers being said on your behalf...


Thanks everyone for all the reassurance--I can't respond directly because I'm on the couch, but I really approciate all the love and support.


I am hopeful for you.


It may not be the best news, but that doesn't mean the best outcome can't come out of these embryos. Sending you lots of good thoughts.


Sending loving prayers to you and your babies. Hoping for the best.


Fingers crossed, hoping for a great outcome. Let your body work its magic!


Good luck, girl! I am sending you lots of love and light! xo


sending you a million good thoughts!


Lots of positive thoughts & vibes are being sent to you.. good luck. Grow & stick embies!!!


I'm another IFfer now 11 weeks pregnant after a 3-day transfer. It works. It's not necessarily a bad thing! You have something to transfer, and that m'dear is VERY GOOD news.

Sticky vibes to you!


I made the same decision on our 4th cycle. We had 1 hatching blast on day 6 and 5 other ones that were still compacting. The embryologist suggested only putting back the one . . .but they are our children and I wanted them to die in me.

I hope you have some magic happening inside you right now.

Dreams and False Alarms

Thanks Kami. I had a bit of hope for a while, but the boobs have begun to
deflate, so I'm thinking maybe the little embryo that could, might have
become the little embryo that couldn't.

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