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August 16, 2009


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IVF 6: The one with the live baby!


"6th time's the charm"

Every one of these procedures will be worth it when you walk out of a hospital with that baby in your arms. Seriously.

Fingers crossed that everything's good on the hsg. Thinking of you.


Sorry you're going to have to go there at all.

I'm with Summer. #6, The IVF that worked!


Six is the new IVF?

I am sorry about the beta.



I'm sorry about the beta. Hmmm . . . I'm not feeling particularly creative today, but I hope you manage to pull a rabbit out of the hat.


I like Sara's: #6: the IVF that worked!

Sad about the BFN... Sending warm thoughts.


I think you said it already.

IVF 6: Let's get this party started!

Not On Fire

IVF 6: The one that sticks!


Sorry about the BFN. As for the title, how about something like: "let's get the in utero party started"? Sexy, huh? I will write you a more detailed (private) response. xo!


I am really sorry about the negative. ((HUGS))

Traci (blueowl)

I'm so sorry about the beta, that must be so frustrating and disappointing and heartbreaking. I say IVF #6: This time it's personal.

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