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August 23, 2009


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Oh god, I hear you. After 3 IVFs, 2 natural IUIS, clomid, miscarriages, depression, etc. etc. I really moved up - going from a nice size that I was comfy with - to a 12. And I just could not bring myself to buy new clothes - I kept saying I would lose the weight - and I never did. And I was always uncomfortable at work. I am much bigger than I would like to be - and I am going to be well over, and I mean well over, 200 pounds if this pregnancy continues. Oh well - I just keep telling myself that I sacrificed my body for this process - the whole process, and when the process is over, I have committed myself to lose the weight - all of it, forever. So just take it easy on yourself - you will have time later to lose the weight.


I hear ya too. I feel like shite when my clothes don't fit. I would say if you can afford it buy one or two things that make you feel more comfortable. This whole cycle thing is hard enough!


I can't speak to IVF-bloat specifically, but my weight fluctuates a lot. I'm all for stocking up at Marshalls (or Old Navy or H and M if you have those around). I sometimes think that it's crazy to have 4 different jeans sizes in my closet, but far better to be well-stocked then feel uncomfortable.


IVF is TERRIBLE for bloat. I definitely feel your pain. I gained about 10-15 pounds from the beginning of infertility to conception. Ugh. Definitely go ahead and get yourself some comfortable pants.


I know exactly what you mean. I had to wear maternity pants before I was even pregnant!!


I don't think it is silly at all. Just one more thing - when we need to feel the most confident and comfortable in our body, we feel the least.

Hang in there and may it all be worth it!

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