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July 08, 2009


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I'm sorry it's so hard. It seems like when one thing goes down the toilet, every other part of our lives is just clamoring to follow...

Hang in there, drink the good tequila if you have to, and know that you're entitled to feel crappy about the hand that life is dealing you right now. I'm glad you're getting some face time with a real live girlfriend. It can help - hugely - to be able to talk to someone in real time, someone who can respond right as you're speaking. I hope it's a wonderful weekend for you and that good things start happening soon.


Hoping your home "work" (couldnt help the play on words, sorry) is a success! As Peter's grandma used to tell me (oo gross!!) put your feet up, LOL.

Sorry about the kitty and Hawaii... I can only imagine how much of a bummer those are. :(


weird. I don't think of you as negative at ALL. IN fact I find you pretty refreshing and upbeat. Go figure!
Sooooooo excited for what your next month will bring.


Sorry about the kitty :( my 14 year old cat is snuggling next to me - he is having seizures and he has really bad scarring on his eyes from his condition. He still does really well and our 35 pound terrier mix is terrified of him so he is doing something right.

So glad you got the dx u/s!!! Fabulous!!! I think on Dr. Liccardi's blog he thought plenty of girls got pg with a 6mm lining. Hmmm - do you take baby aspirin- I have been told that helps.

I am pumped about you guys doing an at home insem - will you be doing one or two back to back?

The emotions of this process are too hard to control - really. I just try to let myself wallow if I need to wallow, to whine if I need to whine and to enjoy the upbeat times.


Yesterday at therapy I was just wallowing in how fucked up I am about all of this; exhausted by being a good soldier and trying hard and all that crap.

Oh, have I been there. It is freaking hard to be going through TTC and timing and decisions that go along with it.

Happiness is overrated. ;) Sometimes, I thinking trying for neutral is as good as it is going to get.

Sorry about the vacation too. Here is to things looking way up next month!

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