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June 30, 2009


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Oh sweetie... Sending you big hugs during this time of year. I still cry around the anniversaries of my miscarriages, and I think it is completely normal that you are feeling this way. Even though it hurts. The kids' birthdays are a little easier because I can hold onto those memories through the pain, but it still is such an ache... I wish that I could be there to cry with you. Know that I'm sending you a big hug and thinking of you and Sparky and Zoe today.


Oh I'm so sorry. Anniversaries are the worst. Thinking of you today, and very glad you're able to remember some of the good things in your life. It does help, I think, over the long run.


I'm sorry all these anniversaries are crashing together. These are hard times.

You didn't nothing wrong. Please be gentle with yourself.


I am so sorry. Anniversaries of loss are especially hard when you're stuck in the trenches, still.

It is unfair.





Bee Cee

Anniversaries are so tough. We are all thinking of you. Let's hope there's a light at the end of the tunnel for us all soon.

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