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May 10, 2009


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wow. so many thoughts. good to read them all. sounds like you're processing it all on a number of levels, which is good - the best you can hope for. glad the sperm got dropped off to the right place. am sending you guys all the best.



So glad the sperm made it safely to the clinic's freezer. I too have moments of deep loss - like yesterday, we went to see a movie and I looked over at my husband and was profoundly sad that the child will never have his eyes or his lips...I get scared thinking of people constantly saying - "oh, the baby has Mr. M's ears" or nose or whatever and that we will suffer silently through such comments. All of this is assuming I will be able to get and stay pregnant.

Great buy on the fertility monitor. FYI, my surges have been on day 15. I was going crazy thinking it should be earlier. The only monitoring they did was on the first IUI and on the day I got a smiley face, my lh was 12.5 and I had a 28mm follicle on the right. It worked - I got a bfp - but as you know, it was short lived. They did not monitor me this time - they just did the first time to confirm my surge.


Isn't a crazy ride? I remember how sad I was when we tried 1/2 DS on our third IVF. Of course, I thought it would work although I wasn't sure it would be the DS that would make the difference. Brad acted like it wasn't THAT big of a deal for him so how could I justify how I was feeling? I remember thinking it would be sad that even if our child had brown eyes, they wouldn't be HIS brown eyes.

Brad and I have promised each other that we would always be each other's #1. Our kids would be #2 - a close #2, but #2 nonetheless. Now I realize how easy it is to get wrapped up in baby and not make time for each other. Soon, LB will be needing less and less care and it will be easier, I am sure.


Sending good vibes and hopeful that this cycle is THE one!


Four days isn't that long! And you certainly made up for it. You gave me a lot to think about, as you usually do.I'll probably comment more later when I've had to digest more than four days worth of thoughts. When is your next IUI?


catching up with you and wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you. Lots going on. as for emotions regarding donor sperm- well I know our situations aren't exactly the same, but I am really hopeful and excited for you.

Ellen K.

I'm planning to read Ayelet Waldman's book too. I think I'm a bad mom, in the best possible way.

Yeah, twins are tough. When things are running smoothly (and most twin moms stick to a tight schedule, it seems), it's lovely, but disruptions that would be manageable with one child can seem insurmountable with twins. It's also hard to get adequate help. However, I also observe that my husband is way, way more involved and satisfied with two babies at a time. He loves it.

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