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Sock it too Me 2009!

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May 06, 2009


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In my head, I see this can, strapped into the backseat, bobbing along to the music. GOOD LUCK!!!


Good luck - both on keeping it upright, and on it doing exactly what it's supposed to do!


Good luck!

I have to say that I still wish I knew if it was really my eggs or the sperm was just causing to much havoc. Sure, DE worked, but we transferred 3 and only one stuck. Did the sperm mess with the donor's eggs too?

Crap. I don't know why it matters - what's done is done, but it does.


Definite good luck! Drive carefully in the Berkeley streets!



Good luck!!!! I would love to see it strapped in!


Yes, I would love to see that picture. ;-)


Good luck!


where is the sperm now? you should take pictures like they do with that gnome on tv...


Good Luck.. just found your blog today.. :)

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