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April 27, 2009


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I really hope your two little morulas continue to progress normally. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.


I'm so sorry, and so glad - both at the same time? So sorry you're not seeing the results that you would - of course - want to see, but so glad that at least you're getting some ANSWERS. I agree that it's the lack of good answers that is so brutally difficult with this whole process.

And, I'm still holding out hope that these two little guys (gals?) will hang in there, develop perfectly, and go on to tape your broken heart back together with colored-over masking tape, and dyed macaroni necklaces, and dedications to their wonderful mom during their Nobel acceptance speech.

Thinking of you.


Keeping everything crossed for you and your little morulas! Good luck tomorrow.


Yes, the unknown is rough, and knowing gives some peace, but I hope you get a transfer and a chance.



cat, galloping

My clinic does Day 6 transfers all the time. Hang in there!


My clinic also does day 6 tranfers. i had one last cycle and the plan is for another one next week. I hope your embies progress well. Good luck!

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