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January 16, 2009


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Oh, I know how you feel about the blog. I love my blog but I dread it sometimes. It's hard to write about infertility and failure all of the time, though it can be cathartic, it can also be overrated beccause it makes me feel sometimes that what my whole life is about infertility and my life is about so much more than that. Hang in there, girl. I know thatwe will look back on these days and laugh, right? right? Oh, and btw, my insurance is still giving me nightmares so I think (and it's a long story) that IVF#2 for me will also be in March. Cycle Twins, anyone?


i've kind of followed you off and on since BlogHer (found you from my first pregnancy ended as a miscarriage at the end of august. i want you to know that it has helped to read your blog. my heart has ached for you so many times. you express yourself so much better than I do. also wanted to let you know that i just started southbeach yesterday. i need to lose weight before we try again, which will hopefully be april or may. So far, SB is just okay. I think it will work out well, but it requires WAY more planning than I normally do (maybe that is part of the problem)

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