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December 07, 2008


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Hmmm. Hang in there. All you need is one. I hope this works! xo

Cat, galloping

I can't get over how much faster your protocol is from mine!

Our clinic pretty much always does ICSI but I don't know the rationale.

I've been thinking December is a dumb time to cycle because either you get a negative right around Xmas or you have the biggest months of pregnancy in the dog days of summer. (or something in between even worse.) sigh...

Hang in there.

Les Make Babies

5 of size is great! It only takes one and you've got 5 big ones cooking! I don't see a 'meh' anywhere!


I know my cycle is not your cycle for so many reasons. BUT. I didn't have many follicles at most of my scans either.

I'm hoping for you,


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