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December 31, 2008


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I think this is a real post! thanks for the preview - look forward to reading the fleshed out version soon. Happy New Year!



I enjoyed the preview and I hope you find the time and energy to write again soon.


Oh, it sounds like you are working things out at your own pace. I´m sure things will fall into place-eventually. xo

karen oakley

Hay you,

Missed you, first thing i did on tin-ternet when i got home was check in hear:)

Lets all get together soon xxxxxx

Karen xxxxxx


Donor selection is HARD. Just really hard and creepy. Once I committed I found it easier. I just jumped in with the faith that it would be ok. So far so good. But I'm only 9 weeks pregnant. We've still got a long way to go (18 years or so).


BTW thanks for the really wonderful comment on my blog the other day.



For you.


I have to agree - being depressed is depressing. I think the realization of that is what makes non-clinically depressed people not become clinically depressed people. Oh, and recognizing craziness just means that you're not that crazy!

Being depressed also is boring.

Anyway, back to reading your story...


Coming over from MII's introduction, I hear what your feeling and felt similiar when looking for a surro, but, now am happy to be working with the most amazing woman, so good things can come, just a little hope for you.

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