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October 18, 2008


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Grief is a complicated thing, but sometimes it does help to write things out. I find it head clearing, personally.

From my own loss, yes the pain does dull until it becomes a wistful 'what if' most of the time...



Ellen K.

What a beautiful post. I think grieving openly can lead to good decision making.

Happy birthday belated. I'm sorry it was a day of loss too.


Thank you for such a heartfelt post. It makes me think how lucky your family is that you were born. I've been realizing lately that some things will never be "fixed," they will only keep changing, and the best I can do is to keep that process moving forward in a positive fashion. Both frightening (because I want solutions and relosution) and reassuring (I always have the chance to do better next time); mostly it's a reminder that life is not a linear race to the end, but rather a communal process branching out and out and out... Good luck processing, I'm glad to know you're involving your family so much.


Well, it seems as if you are working some of this stuff out as painful as it is. Thanks for sharing.

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