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August 02, 2008


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Lisa Jane

HI....I'm still lurking and still sending good thoughts. Sounds to me like you've taken a giant step back and looked at the big picture for a moment.

"...because I know my single friends were having their own pity parties about their singleness and there were probably pity parties going on all over town about one thing or another....

You can be pretty funny sometimes, too. Funny in a good this post made me laugh outloud today.


Bee Cee

Sounds like you had a bit of a reflection then positively turned it into something good for you. I am so pleased you ended up enjoying the get-together.

P.S Hopefully my email details appear ok now


Oh hon, that blows.

I only have one element of the motherfucker mutation too (heh--that's what I like to call the MTHFR mutation), BUT. Dr. Mama believed it was VERY significant, thanks to his personal experience. He had me take a huge dose of folic acid (I'd have to look it up to see what it was) and a baby aspirin every day throughout my pregnancy with Tori--you know, the pregnancy that ended with a LIVING child. The other doctors in his practice dismissed this treatment--actually calling it "voodoo" by one doc--but, again, the results are currently making my life hell as she fights off a summer cold. The baby aspirin battled both any clotting issues (Dr. Mama believed clotting issues played an issue in the death of my first son, the one that died before the surgery).

Frankly? If I were you? And I got pregnant again? I'd immediately start taking baby aspirin and high doses of folic acid. It can't actually HURT (unless you have a NON-blood clotting issue and are a hemopheliac), and I honestly believe it helped ME.

And maybe you just need to move to Philly so you can see Dr.Mama himself. Heh. :)

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