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November 18, 2009


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Cue Tom Petty...

"The wai-ay-ting is the hardest part."

Good luck.


She should be counting from two weeks prior to the IUI. If the sperm doesn't fertilize the egg in the first 24 hours after ovulation it is extremely unlikely to be viable. The sperm should have done it's business in the fallopian tube.

FWIW, my breasts were never as tender as they were with Ernest.

So - lots and lots of good wishes to you!


The end of this post made me giggle a little. :)


hey.. reading your post made me think of exactly how I feel.. I am 6 weeks today.

hoping your wait speeds up.. :)


really hoping the 23rd comes quickly!


I'm slightly confused as to dates and timing, but here's my take. Unsolicited :)

You get two 'free' weeks pregnant added on from before ovulation. This may or may not correspond with CD1, depending on how long the follicular phase is. We assume 14 days, but many women are not.

The IUI is usually scheduled around the time of ovulation (36 hours after trigger or spontaneous LH surge)

Two weeks after the IUI is 4 weeks pregnant. Plus/minus maybe a day, but that's getting finicky.

When the fetus implanted is kind of irrelevant, if that makes sense?

But you know all that and I am hoping you see a hb at your first scan.



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